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I just finished a great workout and as I was flipping through my iphone, I realized how more intense each set was when the “right” song came on.  Music is such an important part of our lives and there are those songs that can help all aspects of lives, weather we need to heal, celebrate, remember, perform or mourn, there are those songs. 164

Thankfully, this is not a real life choice that needs to be made.  It is however one of several hypothetical questions posed to women recently by researchers at Arizona State University.  But before I get into it… FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a male.  A man.  A guy.  For better or worse I am a dude.  While it is true I was a “fat” dude for much of my life and thus have some special insights

What’s your excuse?

I wanted to share with you a very insightful story that a friend of mine who runs a gym shared with me.

A woman came into his gym and said that she really wanted to join as she needed to lose weight for health reasons but she could not afford the monthly membership fee. My friend told the woman that he wanted to help her so he’d make her a deal…

You hit 40, your body starts to sag, your metabolism is in the tank, you are sluggish and tired, you hate shopping for new clothes because you just cringe when you look in the mirror and you feel like your body will never look great again. 167

1. Stuck In A Rut.

Our bodies eventually adapt to the demands we place upon them. If you’re doing the same routine week after week or month after month, your body has likely become very efficient at that routine, and is no longer burning many calories or getting a fitness response. I personally change up my routine every week, and recommend you introduce new exercises and