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Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 20s…

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Well, if you’re like most women that I know in their 20’s you are probably not really struggling with weight but more likely struggling with body composition.

What do I mean by that?  Basically is your body made up of more fat or is it made up of more muscle?

I know how it is when you’re in your early or even late 20’s, you have that “college” look where you probably ate a little too much of the buffet style cafeteria food, late night pizza and of course the booze.

You might be still going out a little too much and you can definitely see a little bit of an alcohol bloat going on.

Being in your 20’s you’re at your most optimal metabolic range, meaning that you can burn tons of calories really easily with the right workout and nutrition plan.

Metabolism is the amount of calories that your body burns at rest, and you want that to be really high because most likely you’re only going to be working out for about an hour per day (anything more than that is a waste of time anyway!)…

So, check this out…  here’s the best way to melt away fat and get that optimal body in your 20’s: train like an athlete.

Just hear me out with this…. training like an athlete is not as intimidating as it sounds.  Basically, you want to get your body rocking like it’s supposed to do anyway.  Forget the machines, elliptical trainer and little pink weights.

Weight Loss Tips For Women In Their 20?s…

Instead, you want to push your body to the limit (in a safe manner) using your own body weight, free weights and even some cool toys if you have access to them.  You want your body to move as a unit and use all the major muscles at once to develop strength and stamina while developing a toned, tight and lean body faster than you ever imagined.

Top Weight Loss Tips for Women in their 20’s… Try These Exercises On For Size (less size, that is):


1. Boxing

2. Walking Lunges

3. Squats (front or back squats)

4. Kettlebell Training (swings, cleans, snatches, Turkish Get-Ups)

5. The Prowler

6. Slide Board

7. Battling Ropes

8. Chin Ups

9. Push Ups

10. Hill Sprints

11. Jump Rope

Performing exercises like the ones above will help you burn a ton of calories and sculpt your body fast.  Just follow these ultimate weight loss tips if you’re in your 20’s and you’ll see incredible changes.  Plus, if you combine them with a healthy nutrition plan, then you can even go out for a few drinks every now and then and not ruin your progress.

I’ll have lots more weight loss tips for women coming your way soon — don’t change that channel…


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