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3 Motivational Women You Should Be Following on Instagram

Powering through a workout or even just getting the motivation to get out and work out  isn’t easy. Sometimes we just don’t feel the drive to go do it. A great way to find motivation is to follow inspirational and motivational accounts on social media. A great place to start is Instagram. Instagram has many users who  offer inspiration and motivation to help you get out and workout. These three accounts are a great start for you to follow on Instagram.

Lana Ector : Black Girls Workout Too !


Lana is the creator of the Black Girls Workout Too DVD series. She is a certified nutritionist and well-known fitness expert.  Lana’s account offers motivating transformation pictures and short video clips from her training facility. Her account can give you a chance to see other people who are also going through a body transformation.

Anowa Adjah : Powerhouse Physiques


Good Morning!

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Anowa has her own training program that has gotten a lot of recognition. What makes her instagram so motivating is the quotes. Her quotes are guaranteed to help motivate and get someone out of the door and working out. Additionally, she proves that you don’t have to be a stick figure to be fit and beautiful.

BBK Fitness


✨ You Can ✨

A photo posted by BODY BY KARIIM FITNESS (@bbkfitness) on

This is account isn’t just a woman but a husband and wife double threat! They own a workout facility in the ATL where they help members reach their fitness goals. Their account offers some great quotes to help you get motivated. They also incorporate some cool tips and recipes in some of their posts.

For more inspirational and motivating accounts check out this post from Madame Noire.

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