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Private Training Program

When it comes to making real changes in your body and life, there’s nothing like having a personal trainer to provide accountability, attention and motivation for success.

With semi-private training in our facility, you’ll benefit from individual supervision from one of our professionally qualified and certified Boston personal trainers; and you’ll do it at your convenience at days and times that fit your schedule.

Your FITT PIT® Coach will design a program for you incorporating scientific exercise progression and specific target-area training based on your goals. Workouts are varied and interesting, incorporating different, innovative techniques to get you the best fitness results in the fastest amount of time.

Your training will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and you’ll be doing activities you’ve never done before.

Yes, some people think of personal training as a luxury. We think of it as an investment in yourself, your body – and most of all your health and self-confidence! A word of warning: if you’re looking for cheap training – that’s not us. Our trainers are among the most experienced, educated, and highly trained fitness professionals in the industry.

We have the highest standards. We require our trainers to go through regular continuing education and intensive trainings on exercise, fitness and nutrition to stay on top of the research, giving you the most effective programs that are available.

So although we can’t say we’re the least expensive, we can say that we consider our trainers to be the best. And, that this is the best investment you can make in your physical, mental and spiritual transformation!


F.I.T.T. Pit - Private Training

F.I.T.T. Pit - Private Training